Our Values and Culture

Our three core values to building a great culture

  • LEAD

Believe You/We Can

Everything starts with what we believe in.
  • Do we have the “can do” spirit: Do you take “no” for an answer? Do you settle for less? Do you ask questions? Do you delve deeper? Do you give up easily?
  • Believing is half the battle, believing means you want to do it and you will do it.
  • Believing is the foundation of motivation.

Lead by Example

to better yourself, your colleagues and Tris.
  • Do you take initiative? Take charge? Have a bias toward action and making things happen? Are you willing to go above and beyond?
  • Do we create an environment of trust and cooperation? Do you trust others?
  • Do we take responsibility? Do you admit mistakes or fault? Are you open to change? Do we learn from others? Are you open to take criticism?
  • How passionate are we about what we preach? Do we walk the talk?
  • True leadership inspires, drives retention and builds a trusting, high-performance workplace.

Listen to Understand

and make Tris an even better place to work.
  • Listening without understanding is just hearing sound, voice, noise. The goal of listening is to understand.
  • Understanding is the basis for action.
  • You cannot be passionate if you do not understand it.
  • If you understand it, you know what to do; The right actions build trust and foster relationships.


What does this look like?

We believe in a sense of urgency. In your work, responding to colleagues and in general, are you motivated to do what you do? Do you wait for things to come to you or do you make things happen? Do you ask what you can do to help? Are you hungry – intellectually and professionally?

We believe it is our responsibility to provide a workplace that is safe, where communication is open; suggestions, questions and comments can be brought to management’s attention; and problems can be discussed and resolved in a mutually respectful way.

We believe that diversity and inclusion are important factors adding value to our teams, our products, and to the company at large. Therefore, we emphasize a diverse culture based on honesty, initiative, enthusiasm, and open communication: one whose success depends on the full and effective utilization of qualified persons based on capabilities and merit.

We are leading by example when we are collaborative, resourceful and efficient. Are you efficient? Are you being effective in what you do? Are you accomplishing what you are expected to do? Are you adding value in your job, team and to the company or just going through the motions? Do you work hard? Do you work smart?

We are leading by example when we have created a motivating, trusting and fun work environment. Are you passionate about your work? Do you speak your mind? Do you talk and laugh with other colleagues? Does your team value you? Do you value your team? Do you and your colleagues understand each other? Does your boss know the problems or dissatisfaction, if any, you are having at work?

We have listened to understand when we are open minded. Are you open to change and learning, and willing to do what seems like the right thing to do? Do you take criticism? Do you take yourself too seriously or not seriously enough? Do you listen? Is your door always open? Are you modest? Do you think you are humble or have humility? Do you ask why? Do you ask why not?



inspires, drives retention and builds a trusting, high-performance workplace.